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Monday, 22 January 2018

New York: Top of The Rock

[ PHOTOGRAPHY: Myself + @emily_fcp ]

Our last day was a memorable one. We went to the Museum at the FIT in the morning, but I'll include that in another post, and then went to the Rockefeller centre to the observation point. It was so sunny and the views were incredible. I personally thought it would be much better to be able to see the Empire State Building rather than be up it which was a choice we were glad we made. 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in coffee shops as our legs were about to fall off from all the walking we'd done. It was a great way to end the trip. 

There's so much more I would have loved to do in New York and I'm sure I will be able to in the hopefully not so distant future. I've made a list of things I discovered during my first time in New York and in the United States:
  • Nobody can drive
  • The road rage is real, I appreciated a bit of peace and quiet in Williamsburg as nobody was constantly beeping their horns
  • You have to tip everyone pretty much everywhere you go or you will be killed
  • Everyone loves that you're from the UK, especially the misogynistic builders
  • The prices for some unknown reason don't include tax so it's a lovely surprise when you reach the checkout only to find out that you have to pay more than you expected
  • New York folk are a lot less enthusiastic than the stereotypical American which I was extremely thankful for
  • The city definitely never sleeps



Sunday, 21 January 2018

New York: The MET + Upper East Side


I'll be honest, Friday wasn't my favourite day. It was warm but wet and my excitement for the proposed activities of exploring the MET and the Upper East Side was short lived.

On arrival to the MET we headed straight to the Costume Institute only to discover it was cordoned off. I realise the importance of the MET Gala and all but if they could've held off preparations for a few weeks that would've been great. We spent the rest of our time there surrounded by naked Greek statues and truthfully it just wasn't really my thing so made a swift exit to Madison Avenue to be surrounded by clothed mannequins instead. Much better.

However, I did manage to find some visual merchandising that followed the Fragmented Nautical trend story I'd been given for my project in Ralph Lauren so all was not lost.



New York: Williamsburg/Dumbo + Times Square


This was my favourite day. We had breakfast in Bread and Butter, a strange combination of an organic food market and cafe serving the most amazing breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I nearly shed a tear when I last left it. Then we walked across to the ferry port and caught the East River ferry over to North Williamsburg. The journey was so incredible as the river had frozen partially the previous week due to the freak weather conditions so there were huge blocks of ice floating down it and the Manhattan skyline was sat in the background.

I loved Williamsburg, it was completely different to Manhattan and just felt so relaxed. We saw an abundance of independent shops and bearded hipsters and as we were sat in an indie coffee shop surrounded by people eating Acai bowls they began to play Foster the People and I questioned why I wasn't living there amongst my fellow people.

Later on we got the ferry further down to Dumbo which is the area under Brooklyn Bridge. It was again very calm and artsy and added to my confusion of why I am still living here in my student flat in Nottingham. We then got the ferry back to Manhattan and walked through the financial district (very fancy) and eventually got the subway back to our hotel.

In the evening we had a McDonalds in Times Square and realised why the US has an obesity problem (I still ate it all, though I didn't rate the chicken nuggets). Then we stood there dazzled by the lights for a good half an hour. It was a great way to end the day.


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