Monday, 19 December 2016

Copper Christmas Tree

I've ended up with a very copper Christmas tree this year, and I really like it. I know, it's inevitable, I'm a blogger and I have copper tree decoratons. Although, I didn't buy them for myself, so do I therefore have some individuality?

My mum returned with these delicate copper leaves as a present for my tree earlier on in the month. They have an invisible string attatched to them so they appear to have sprouted from the tree itself. My little potted Christmas tree is from IKEA, I got it a couple of years ago as I wanted ine with a prettier base and more realistic foliage. Wire wraps around the trunk of the tree. I think that's what it's called but somehow I imagine a tree trunk to be a lot thicker. Anyway, everything about it is perfect and you probably need one in your life.

My lovely friend bought me these copper fairylights. They're little cookie cutters in different shapes; a gingerbread man, Christmas tree and star. The string is actually quite long for battery operated, novelty fairylights and they are so bright unlike ones I've had from Primark. I love these Paperchase ones as they double up as baubles for your tree. If you want to keep it quite minimalist, or you're just really lazy, you could just string these around the tree and you've decorated all in one go!

I have to admit, I think most of my tree is from IKEA. Apart from the odd decoartion I've treasured for years (stolen from the families main tree) and the brown birds that I bought from James Brindley. I'm a strong believer that Christmas trees should always have birds on. When I'm older I might dedicate a tree in my house to just birds. This is happening.

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Merry Christmas,
Emily x

Monday, 3 October 2016

Floral embroidered denim jacket

I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park the other weekend to take some photos for my textiles coursework. I hadn't been in a long time and there was an exhibition of Not Vital who I had never heard of before but I really liked his work. I've put some pictures up on Instagram of that so take a look and I might put a blog post up too.

Jacket - Glamorous // T-shirt - H&M // Bag - Mi-Pac (ASOS)

I wore my denim jacket which I've been wearing nearly everyday since I bought it before summer. I think it's my favourite piece in my wardrobe. I love the fact the large floral embroidery trails down onto one of the sleeves, I haven't seen a design like this before and I'm pretty sure I got it for £40 with student discount, such a blessing, I'm not even a student yet. It's from Glamorous, I got it from ASOS. Is it just me or is anyone else confused by their brand name? I love their bohemian pieces but I'm not sure that name at all describes their collection. I'm constantly wondering who decided to name it that. Oh well, they have nice clothes so i'll excuse them.

I paired it with my embroidered t-shirt from H&M as I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many colourful embroidered clothes. I just put on some black jeans and boots and wore my Mi-Pac which I also got off of ASOS, I really like it's suede base. I'll definitely be wearing turtle necks under this to work it into my autumn outfits, it won't be entering the back of my wardrobe anytime soon.

I've got a full on month so stay tuned for lots of lifestyle posts and outfits from trips. I'm also turning 18... so wish me look for "adulthood."

Are you a fan of embroidery or are you more of a minimalist?

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Emily x

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Crochet, Fringe + Oversized Jeans

 Just to put this out there, this post is not sponsored by H&M. Yes, about 90% of this outfit comes from there, but that's simply because I'm a little obsessed at the moment. I've been finding some really great pieces in there. I also love the fact that they're taking a more conscious approach to high street fashion. I keep telling myself that I should start choosing where I shop more carefully, avoiding Primark at all costs and searching for more ethical brands. However, it's going to be a long process if this is to happen, though I am starting to think about it a little bit more whilst shopping.

I bought this embroidered t-shirt the other day from H&M and I'm in love with it. It caught my eye on one of their emails when they showed it in the sports-luxe category and I fell in love. Mainly because of the embroidery, partly because of the comfort and slightly because of the price. It was £6.99, I know what you're thinking, wow!

It's a really easy way to dabble in the sports-luxe trend yet it fits with my style because of the gorgeous use of embroidery. I love all these dragon designs that are being embroidered onto bomber jackets right now. I need that reversible Topshop one.

I styled the t-shirt with my mom jeans and this crochet kimono, both also from H&M. I feel like the mix of oversized jeans and chunky heeled boots (Primark) and delicate embroidery/crochet works really well and balances the outfit. My bag is from Newlook and I love the fringing on it but mostly the colour, it's just so pretty. The moon and star ring in the last photo is from Coconut Lane. You can get 20% off their site with code: "emilyrhodes20".

I hope you liked this outfit post, I'll be uploading a lot more when I get back from my trip to Mallorca, so expect a lot of very sunny pics of a very happy Emily! 

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Emily x

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Summer Jewellery Haul

I really like the feeling of buying new jewellery. I think the thing I most like about it is that high street jewellery is relatively inexpensive and even the most simplest of pieces can really transform an outfit. 

I used to wear a lot of statement necklaces when they started coming into fashion, you know the ones with loads of pastel coloured jewels on them? However, more recently I've seen a lean to more bohemian pieces. You'll still find the odd statement necklace but simplistic jewellery is definitely on the majority of my Instagram feed. Although, you do find them combined with a more statement choker. 

I've been buying little bits of summer jewellery since the early months of this year. I wanted to add more silver coloured pieces to my collection as it was looking almost all gold toned. I picked up these silver plated, jet earrings from Whitby (you can read about my trip here). I've been wearing them almost everyday, they just go with so many outfits. They also feel like a really nice quality. I bought them for about £22. I don't have many earrings so I wanted to get another quality pair and I didn't think the price was bad for Whitby jet. Also, Whitby has a special place in my heart so I quite liked the idea of carrying a piece of it around on me all day! If you're interested in getting your hands on some jet, prices start from around £20 and then exceed that enormously depending on the size of the stone.

On the same trip as when I bought the jet earrings, I picked up this green man necklace from a craft fair. I like the meaning behind the symbol, all about nature, and I'd seen a lot of necklaces in this style on websites such as ASOS so I couldn't help but pick him up! The straps also adjustable so you can wear it at whatever length suits your outfit or body.

I was in need of some silver coloured rings so I picked up this set from Primark for only £2.50. I got put off buying cheap rings because they rust really easily and so I had been wearing proper gold plated rings my mum had given me a while ago, but I just wanted a different option, plus I wanted to wear more at once. Then, one of my older sisters came over not long ago and told me that if you paint the inside of the rings in clear nail polish they don't go that weird green colour and won't stain your fingers! Why hasn't somebody told me about this before now!? Anyway, I think it's working, they haven't gone weird just yet.

The latest pieces I picked up were this moon and star ring and anklet from Coconut Lane! I'm so excited to share these with you because I am now a #coconutqueen! This means that I get a huge 20% discount for all of you guys! They have some really cool stuff on the website and they only launched last October, I'm all about supporting small  and upcoming businesses! I'm really happy with the ring and anklet. The best thing about the ring is the fact that you can adjust it and therefore you don't need to worry about ordering it and it not fitting. Even though we're going off topic here, I also picked up this really pretty notebook. The cover patterns they have are amazing, it's the perfect size to pop in your handbag and the paper is 100% recycled! 

If you use the discount code: emilyrhodes20 on these very products you could get the notebook for £4.80, the ring for £7.20 and the anklet for £6! I hope you liked this post and I hope you find something you love on the Coconut Lane website! Happy shopping!

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Emily x

*Just a little disclaimer for you all to let you now that I benefit from the sale of products used in alliance with this discount code.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Manchester Fashion Exhibitions Trip

Fashion & Freedom Exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery
Elsa Schiaparelli Exhibition at Manchester Gallery of Costume
If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen a few pictures of some architecture and having lunch in Manchester. I was there with my textiles class to view three exhibitions to aid our study, it was a really fun day out. First, we went to the Manchester Art Gallery where we looked at the Fashion & Freedom exhibition and Vogue 100. The Fashion & Freedom exhibition addressed the way women in WW1 gained freedom by men going to war. There was a mixture of designer dresses and dresses made by degree students. They were all so creative and it was great to look at the details and gain inspiration for my A Level Textiles garment design.

We then went upstairs to the Vogue 100 gallery which was brilliant. Sadly, you couldn't take pictures in there so all I can do is describe and tell you how you really should go if you love fashion! You were first greeted with a fashion film compiled of different Vogue shoots and then walked around through the eras of Vogue covers and images from the magazines carefully selected to portray the best of each era. They also have copies, including the first ever Vogue issues to look at under glass tables, it's interesting to look through and see how fashion and fashion photography (or in the earlier issues' case, illustration) has changed. If you can I would really suggest going to both of these, they are completely free and the gallery is only a few minutes walk from the central shopping area in Manchester.

We then took a bus to the Manchester Gallery of Costume where we saw a Schiaparelli exhibition. The gallery is so small compared to the one in central Manchester but it is painted in these cute pastel colours and had a very intimate feel to it, you were extremely close to the garments that the Elsa Schiaparelli designed herself! It was a great experience to see all the details on the garments. This was also free and a single ticket on the bus only cost us £1 each which isn't going to break the bank!

I thought both the galleries and the exhibitions were worth a look if you love fashion and were planning a trip to Manchester some time this year. Below I've listed the dates of when they end. I hope this post was interesting to some of you who have an interest in fashion!

Manchester Art Gallery:
Fashion & Freedom - until 27th November 2016
Vogue 100 - until 30th October 2016

Manchester Gallery of Costume:
Schiaparelli and Thirties Fashion - until 23rd October 2016

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Emily x

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Printable Clipboard Calendar DIY

Paperchase Kraft Clipboard - £3
I wanted to do this DIY for a while after browsing Pinterest and seeing lots of bloggers hanging up clipboards and printing out calendars. I liked the fact it was quick + easy, affordable and customisable. After searching online I found a kraft coloured clipboard by Paperchase that would be perfect for my desk area, and by desk area I mean corner of my tiny room. It was out of stock online for a while so I hunted for it in shops and eventually found it! I stuck it to my wall with this really strong double sided tape that my dad had in his garage, but you could used that picture frame sticky tape or hang it on a hook as there is a tab at the top that pulls out with a hole in it. I decided to leave mine plain kraft colour but you could paint the clipboard, dipping it half in white paint would look really cool but you could paint it in a any colour to match your room/office decor! 

I found my printable calendar PDF from (my) unfinished home. I love its minimalistic look and it is really easily customisable because of the simple layout. However, If you wanted something more colourful then I also found this printable calendar from This Little Street which has a range of beautiful patterns. I hope this inspired you to try out this simple DIY!

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Emily x

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Seaside Escape

Whitby Pier
Whitby Pier
Inside the caravan with various fashion magazines and my sister (pictured)
Lots of layering for the unexpected cold weather was involved
Whitby Pier
Whitby beach at sunset
If you follow me on social media then you might know that I've been away. I went to the North East coast of England (near Whitby) for the week with my cousins. Although there is actual sun in some of these photos, a lot of time was spent shivering or being rained upon due to a lack of appropriate clothing. However, all in all, it was a great getaway! It ended up being quite cosy in the caravan, the views were stunning and I picked up a few bits that you can see here. Most of the time was spent in the caravan reading many of the months fashion magazines. Luckily, Vogue's centenary edition was fairly chunky so that spread over a few days.

I know it wasn't a very wordy post but I believe the pictures speak for themselves, if you want more stories behind each picture and some exclusive images then go check out my Instagram: emilyrhodesb.

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Emily x
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