Sunday, 31 July 2016

Room Tour

I'm very happy with the way my room looks at the moment. I feel the combination of white, floral and rustic elements is working together. I also wanted to share it with you because I love reading these kinds of posts myself. I kept it simple, picking my favourite little nooks. I also didn't want to take photos of large sections, simply because my room isn't large. The way I've sectioned my room I feel makes it appear bigger than it is. I love greys and bright colours in interiors but for a smaller room I've gone for lighter shades and kept it neutral, adding bits of colour in floral prints and patterns.

I find it such a calming and relaxing space and I've also got just enough storage for myself. My wardrobe as you can see is getting fairly full, I also have things stuffed in all those draws. I just have to make sure I keep giving clothes away to charity shops that I don't wear. The suitcase at the bottom houses many bags and hats etc. I also store things in my desk, the top draw is where I keep my makeup, I'm considering doing a sort of realistic size makeup collection post soon.

I'll list below a few of the things featured in the post but if you want to know about something just pop a question down below and i'll reply soon after, or if you want a more or less instant reply, tweet me @emilyrhodesb.

Photos (1+2) -
Desk - sourced from Ebay, painted white and left top wooden
Owl Cushion - Sass&Belle
Calendar - see this post

Photo (3) -
Lampshade - BHS
Makeup Mirror - No.7
Tart Burner - Peter Jones (Yankee Candle)
Mini Cactus - Urban Outfitters
Ceramic Bird - Gift

Photo (4) -
Mini Cacti - Urban Outfitters
Larger Cacti - Ikea

Photo (5) -
Wardrobe Frame/Draws - Ikea
Floral  Fabric Boxes - Ikea
Suitcase - Vintage

Photos (6+7) -
Frame with Knobs - Ikea
Deer Head - Dunelm
Mirror - Vintage
Wicker Star - Primark
Copper Candle Holder - Ikea
"Happy Sign" - Primark
Tall Tealight Holder - Gift

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Stylish + Practical Festival Outfit

I had so much fun taking the photos for this post with the photographer being my sister Alice (Instagram: my_little_doodle_book). I wanted to put together a festival outfit that's really fun and stylish but also practical, because we don't really have Coachella weather in the UK! I bought this dress from Apricot in Newlook and absolutely love it, I'm wearing a crop top and shorts underneath though because it is completely see-through, but you could also wear a cami dress. I found one exactly like it here and also there is one similar in Topshop here.

I got the rain coat off of Ebay which was a steal at under £8 and with free delivery. I love the fact you can see your outfit through it and it comes in this fairly compact flat bag which could be thrown into a backpack or your tent if it *fingers crossed* doesn't need to be used. It's also quite warm so will be great for cooler evenings. The bum bag I bought from Primark last summer but there's loads like this on sites like Asos and Boohoo at the moment.

I hope this post has given you some festival inspiration! There will be a few other posts up about festivals in the coming weeks including a makeup look which I am in love with right now and a festival beauty haul, so make sure you follow my blog so you don't miss a post! 

Photography by: my_little_doodle_book

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Manchester Fashion Exhibitions Trip

Fashion & Freedom Exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery
Elsa Schiaparelli Exhibition at Manchester Gallery of Costume
If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen a few pictures of some architecture and having lunch in Manchester. I was there with my textiles class to view three exhibitions to aid our study, it was a really fun day out. First, we went to the Manchester Art Gallery where we looked at the Fashion & Freedom exhibition and Vogue 100. The Fashion & Freedom exhibition addressed the way women in WW1 gained freedom by men going to war. There was a mixture of designer dresses and dresses made by degree students. They were all so creative and it was great to look at the details and gain inspiration for my A Level Textiles garment design.

We then went upstairs to the Vogue 100 gallery which was brilliant. Sadly, you couldn't take pictures in there so all I can do is describe and tell you how you really should go if you love fashion! You were first greeted with a fashion film compiled of different Vogue shoots and then walked around through the eras of Vogue covers and images from the magazines carefully selected to portray the best of each era. They also have copies, including the first ever Vogue issues to look at under glass tables, it's interesting to look through and see how fashion and fashion photography (or in the earlier issues' case, illustration) has changed. If you can I would really suggest going to both of these, they are completely free and the gallery is only a few minutes walk from the central shopping area in Manchester.

We then took a bus to the Manchester Gallery of Costume where we saw a Schiaparelli exhibition. The gallery is so small compared to the one in central Manchester but it is painted in these cute pastel colours and had a very intimate feel to it, you were extremely close to the garments that the Elsa Schiaparelli designed herself! It was a great experience to see all the details on the garments. This was also free and a single ticket on the bus only cost us £1 each which isn't going to break the bank!

I thought both the galleries and the exhibitions were worth a look if you love fashion and were planning a trip to Manchester some time this year. Below I've listed the dates of when they end. I hope this post was interesting to some of you who have an interest in fashion!

Manchester Art Gallery:
Fashion & Freedom - until 27th November 2016
Vogue 100 - until 30th October 2016

Manchester Gallery of Costume:
Schiaparelli and Thirties Fashion - until 23rd October 2016

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