Sunday, 7 August 2016

Summer Jewellery Haul

I really like the feeling of buying new jewellery. I think the thing I most like about it is that high street jewellery is relatively inexpensive and even the most simplest of pieces can really transform an outfit. 

I used to wear a lot of statement necklaces when they started coming into fashion, you know the ones with loads of pastel coloured jewels on them? However, more recently I've seen a lean to more bohemian pieces. You'll still find the odd statement necklace but simplistic jewellery is definitely on the majority of my Instagram feed. Although, you do find them combined with a more statement choker. 

I've been buying little bits of summer jewellery since the early months of this year. I wanted to add more silver coloured pieces to my collection as it was looking almost all gold toned. I picked up these silver plated, jet earrings from Whitby (you can read about my trip here). I've been wearing them almost everyday, they just go with so many outfits. They also feel like a really nice quality. I bought them for about £22. I don't have many earrings so I wanted to get another quality pair and I didn't think the price was bad for Whitby jet. Also, Whitby has a special place in my heart so I quite liked the idea of carrying a piece of it around on me all day! If you're interested in getting your hands on some jet, prices start from around £20 and then exceed that enormously depending on the size of the stone.

On the same trip as when I bought the jet earrings, I picked up this green man necklace from a craft fair. I like the meaning behind the symbol, all about nature, and I'd seen a lot of necklaces in this style on websites such as ASOS so I couldn't help but pick him up! The straps also adjustable so you can wear it at whatever length suits your outfit or body.

I was in need of some silver coloured rings so I picked up this set from Primark for only £2.50. I got put off buying cheap rings because they rust really easily and so I had been wearing proper gold plated rings my mum had given me a while ago, but I just wanted a different option, plus I wanted to wear more at once. Then, one of my older sisters came over not long ago and told me that if you paint the inside of the rings in clear nail polish they don't go that weird green colour and won't stain your fingers! Why hasn't somebody told me about this before now!? Anyway, I think it's working, they haven't gone weird just yet.

The latest pieces I picked up were this moon and star ring and anklet from Coconut Lane! I'm so excited to share these with you because I am now a #coconutqueen! This means that I get a huge 20% discount for all of you guys! They have some really cool stuff on the website and they only launched last October, I'm all about supporting small  and upcoming businesses! I'm really happy with the ring and anklet. The best thing about the ring is the fact that you can adjust it and therefore you don't need to worry about ordering it and it not fitting. Even though we're going off topic here, I also picked up this really pretty notebook. The cover patterns they have are amazing, it's the perfect size to pop in your handbag and the paper is 100% recycled! 

If you use the discount code: emilyrhodes20 on these very products you could get the notebook for £4.80, the ring for £7.20 and the anklet for £6! I hope you liked this post and I hope you find something you love on the Coconut Lane website! Happy shopping!

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*Just a little disclaimer for you all to let you now that I benefit from the sale of products used in alliance with this discount code.

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