Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Leeds Women's March

I was in Leeds on Saturday with my sister, causally taking fashion photos for my media coursework when we heard a large chant coming from the next street on. We peeped our heads around the corner and discovered what was the Leeds Women's March. I had no idea one was happening in my city, I was aware the successful event was going to occur in the American capital but didn't realise I myself would be able to join in. Naturally, I had my camera with me so I got snapping to capture this memorable moment. My sister and I joined the march with no previous experience of a political protest. It felt so empowering. Even though people felt anger, there was so much positive energy. Everyone was so lovely. It was an amazing experience. I also loved the diversity of gender, age and race. It wasn't just a place to protest women's rights. I saw many signs against Islamophobia, homophobia and signs with just general messages of acceptance. These people were coming together as one big loving unity, and it was beautiful. I think that this acts as an example of how we should live our day to day lives. We need to accept everybody in society. Even Trump. We need to accept that he does have different views than us, and that we believe some of the views he has are damaging. We need to unite as a society, to educate people on acceptance and understanding, standing together against the views we don't believe in, and letting those in power know how we feel.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

My 2017 Goals

We're about half way into January and I've only just sat down to write my first post of 2017. I've realised that I've really let my motivation slip away over the last six months. I don't know whether it's because I hate focusing on more than one project at a time even though I spring new ones upon myself all the time or whether I'm just having those winter blues. I'm getting to the point now that I'm just fed up with myself. I've become lazy in terms of school, my hobbies and looking after myself. I really need to sort this out as it's definitely having a negative effect on my health. Thankfully a new year offers a new start and like everybody else I'm setting myself some goals for 2017. Now, stick with me, I realise this paragraph might seem the very opposite to what should appear in a motivational post about fresh starts, but I needed to set the scene.

Self care

There have been a lot of posts about self care in the blogosphere recently and I've really related to them. We all let ourselves slip sometimes and for me this as been happening for a while now. I want to make an effort to take better care of myself. At first this sounds disgusting, I don't mean that I go without washing for days, but that some days I'll stay in my pyjamas until well into the afternoon which results in me feeling tired and being really unproductive. This needs to stop. I also want to take more time to treat myself, focusing on skincare, painting my nails and pampering. In addition to this, going to bed earlier is high on my list. I get up early to travel to sixth form and always feel so grotty in the mornings.

Health wise I'm drinking a lot more water and feel so energised. I've started going to Yoga once a week. I know I should probably do more exercise than that but it's a start. Me and my sister are going together, I'm liking having an exercise buddy. The healthy food side of things hasn't really kicked off, but I'm hoping warmer weather might cause that to change... we'll see.

I've been feeling quite emotional and anxious lately. I've always been a worrier but I've never felt this nauseous. I'm trying to relax and focus on my breathing when I get worked up, Yoga is also helping with this and I'm tempted to give meditation a go. 

I'm a person who loves immediate gratification and living in the present to an extent. As free spirited as this sounds it does tend to cause problems in the long run, in terms of school work anyway. I get stressed when I haven't done any work but then get to school and realise nobody else has too. As much as I want to get more work done quicker, I'm not going to let it crush me if I don't.


Leading onto my next section, I admit, I need to get my sh*t together. I'm in desperate need of a revision schedule, which I hope to compile very soon as I can't describe how much I procrastinate. I also need to make time for my passions, because right now, to anybody who doesn't know me, it appears that my favourite past time is hiding under my duvet from my problems. I need to let my creativity explode, using my blog as a creative outlet, growing it and driving myself to produce things I love. So another goal for 2017 is to get into an organised routine to allow myself to be productive both academically and creatively.


Unconnected from my other categories. After researching more into ethical fashion, watching documentaries, following ethical bloggers and basing my A Level Textiles on sustainability, I have decided to start an ethical fashion journey. Please here me when I say I will not sit here on my laptop and make you feel guilty about buying that cute dress. Also, I will not be going vegan anytime soon. I also won't be throwing everything I own away (how wasteful), only buying from sustainable sources and living in the woods. I will be finding and trialing ethical and sustainable fashion brands. I will be finding and sharing affordable fashion brands, hopefully compiling a cool ethical fashion directory (for brands in all different countries) and I will showing on trend pieces. Do not fear my fashionable friends. I'm not going to boycott all shops I love, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to ask myself how many times I will use those items. I'm excited to create posts exploring different brands, styling pre-loved finds and discovering affordable places to shop ethically. I hope this doesn't put you off my blog as I will not preach to you, I'm simply going on a journey. 

My blog also won't just be on ethical fashion. I've been researching into feminism for my A Level Media and have found it deeply interesting. I want to write posts on my journey of discovering feminism and just in general about more taboo and relatable topics, though I do apologise that they will be mostly relatable for women. As I am indeed a woman. I also love writing about places I've visited like art galleries and holiday destinations, so stay tuned for those posts too. There will be plenty of interesting fashion and lifestyle posts coming up in 2017.

My 2017 Goals:

Self Care
Pamper myself
Get more sleep
Drink more water
Exercise more
Worry less

Create a schedule
Make time for creativity

Be more ethically conscious 
Explore and discuss relatble topics

There you have it, my 2017 goals. I wish you all the best in striving to reach your resolutions over the next twelve months. Let's do this.

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