Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Leeds Women's March

I was in Leeds on Saturday with my sister, causally taking fashion photos for my media coursework when we heard a large chant coming from the next street on. We peeped our heads around the corner and discovered what was the Leeds Women's March. I had no idea one was happening in my city, I was aware the successful event was going to occur in the American capital but didn't realise I myself would be able to join in. Naturally, I had my camera with me so I got snapping to capture this memorable moment. My sister and I joined the march with no previous experience of a political protest. It felt so empowering. Even though people felt anger, there was so much positive energy. Everyone was so lovely. It was an amazing experience. I also loved the diversity of gender, age and race. It wasn't just a place to protest women's rights. I saw many signs against Islamophobia, homophobia and signs with just general messages of acceptance. These people were coming together as one big loving unity, and it was beautiful. I think that this acts as an example of how we should live our day to day lives. We need to accept everybody in society. Even Trump. We need to accept that he does have different views than us, and that we believe some of the views he has are damaging. We need to unite as a society, to educate people on acceptance and understanding, standing together against the views we don't believe in, and letting those in power know how we feel.

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  1. As if there was one in Leeds, gutted I didn't know about it! Looked like a great march though - so needed for people to unite in times like this! Xx

    1. https://awaitadventure.blogspot.co.uk

    2. I just wish that it had been publicised more, I only stumbled across it by chance! xx


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