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I'm going to pour some thoughts I've been having about the colour pink into this blog post. Understanding the use of colour and how its use can be positive or negative is part of my first project for my course. I gathered a few images of in which I believe pink has been used positively. They avoid the colour being misinterpreted as purely feminine and related to Barbie like ideals which are very outdated. They add edge to the images and have a deeper meaning than when the colour is used for its more stereotypical connotations.

The first image uses a bright, hot pink neon glow in the background to draw attention to the silhouette of the garment. The colour also adds a sexy attitude to the image without making it tacky or predictable. This is very similar to the sixth image where pink lighting is used to compliment the image. I think this shade of hot pink works brilliantly as a form of lighting.

I love the use of pink on the suits in the second image. The tailoring makes even the baby pink look more grown up and I believe that pink creeping into men's wardrobes is a positive use of the colour as it challenges gender boundaries in fashion and society as a whole. I am interested to explore this positive societal impact of pink. Similarly to image two in terms of challenging gender boundaries, image four is able to create a masculine image by juxtaposing the femininity of the pink fur shawl and the male underwear. The models facial expression and stance also offer a juxtaposition to the delicate millennial pink colour.

The fifth image uses a coral shade of pink on the eyes in a wet, vinyl texture. Normally when pink is used alongside this hi-shine effect it becomes stereotypical and old fashioned. However, the coral shade works well with this textural combination. It makes the colour a lot more mature than in its matte form.

In my next post I will be talking about the negative uses of the colour pink.


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