Thursday, 12 October 2017



 I've been exploring how the combinations of colour and texture and colour and pattern effect the connotations and aesthetics of images. The same shape skirt could be in a hot pink colour but in either a latex material or a denim material and send completely different messages. The latex hot pink skirt above appears strong and sexy. Whereas the light pink fur jacket appears more fun and luxurious, therefore completely changing the story the image wishes to tell.

In addition to the fur looking luxurious, the satin ribbon also has connotations of maturity and glamour. The darker pink ruffled image also holds these characteristics but they are magnified by the delicate ruffle technique applied.

I found it interesting that the piece of sculpture in the second image has a smooth rounded finish and for me it appears quite childlike, especially in the baby pinks associated with little girls.

I also explored pattern in my mood board and found that also drastically effects the storytelling of the image. The pink polka dot pattern appeared fun and vintage and the pink floral patterns is discovered also had a very vintage aesthetic as well as making the colour appear even more feminine than it stereotypically is. Layered underneath the fur coat the model is wearing a blazer and a shirt in quite masculine and traditional patterns but they have pink incorporated into them and it works well to bring out a fun and more feminine style of the tailoring.


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