Monday, 6 November 2017

The Commercialisation of Feminism

Slogan tees and Instagram have combined to create an abundance of fake activists and feminists that might not be as forward thinking as they seem. Many high end designer brands in the industry such as Dior and Chanel are using their platforms as a way to project activism yet alongside the slogan t-shirt trend it had diffused down into high street stores and what could have been seen as an artistic way of getting messages across to the public about current subjects is lost. People are buying these products for the aesthetics and it can take away from the meaning and results in fake activism. Feminism has been commercialised and brands are making money from something that should be helping the less fortunate and most exploited in society.

A personal problem I have is people wearing these t-shirts and branding themselves as activists on Instagram is that the products haven't always been made ethically. The vision runs through my head of a "feminist" slogan t-shirt being sewn together by a seamstress working long hours for little pay in a factory that isn't safe. How is funding this exploitation an act of Feminism?



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