Monday, 16 October 2017


[ PHOTOGRAPHY: Myself + @rachtfcp ]

After producing outcomes as a response to our project on the colour pink, we were asked to consider the power of words and images. As my degree is focused on story telling it is important that I understand how each element effects one an other and how they can combine to tell different stories than they would individually. We had to create a CD cover, news article, advertisement and a graffitied advertisement using one of our final images. Each product and the words chosen to compliment them would affect the story the image would tell.

I decided to use my image firstly as an advert for sanitary product brand Bodyform. First of all the text I used "Periods are pretty. Period." created an empowering and positive advertisement campaign. However, the adding of the graffiti over the top changed the consumers view of the whole image and therefore leaving them with a negative portrayal of the brand as the graffiti questions the brands unrealistic marketing.

The online article I created came from a negative perspective and therefore effects the way the consumer relates to the image. The tacky pink pony doll and glitter assist the negative angle on "girl power" which validates the headline.

Finally, the album cover approaches the images in a positive, artistic way. I used the band name and song titles to work with the bold and messy images to create an aesthetic for a made-up indie band. I also added a parental guidance logo to add to the rebellious connotations of the images.

Overall this has helped me understand the significant effect that both words and images have on one an other and I will take this knowledge into my future projects.


Emily x

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