Tuesday, 27 February 2018

House of Z: A Documentary on Zac Posen

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House of Z was a very moving documentary. I wasn't aware of how Zac Posen became to be a brand and seeing how it grew with the help of Posen's family was very heart warming. It was also intriguing to see how easily it is to be criticised within the fashion industry as a brand or influencer after one small event and how it is hard to leave it in the past.

Being let into Posen's world felt very personal. I loved delving into his college years and seeing all the people he was brought up with and how he was surrounded by the upmost creative talent. You could really see his drapery talent at work in his studio. I loved watching that technique of designing garments as he could create dresses that wouldn't have been envisioned if the idea had gone straight from paper to toile.

Overall, I found his passion for what he does as well as the drive and risk everyone around him took to make the brand a success, very inspiring.



Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Dries: A Documentary on Dries Van Noten

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Dries is a documentary on the designer Dries Van Noten. It gives you a look into how his meticulous mind works as you follow him designing his collections. It depicts how carefully considered each is and how his natural talent for contrasting prints, textures and colours is so highly respected in the fashion industry. I found the way he designs and builds the collections to be very unique. His team design and generate ideas for styles and then he sources and is sent a vast amount of fabrics that he then plays around with pinning to basic clothing pieces. This is a very visual method and I love that as I feel my mind works in a similar way.

You also get a glimpse into his personal life which I liked very much. His desire for perfection is reflected in the way he lives. His home is immaculate. It is designed as if it is always ready to be photographed and you can tell that his mind is always focusing on how things should look. In a way he is crazy, yet at the same time I appreciate his dedication to design and find it incredibly inspiring.

I appreciate that he is a modest man and also respect his care for all the people involved in the making of the collections. He said that he felt a responsibility for employing skilled workers like his embroidery team in India and making sure they are forever involved. The documentary has given me the greatest level of respect for Dries Van Noten and his work.


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