Monday, 5 February 2018

BBC 4 Perfume Documentary


I was able to gain a lot of insight into the perfume industry through the BBC 4 series. From exploring the traditional Guerlain laboratories and luxurious shopping experience of the high end market to high street perfumes and niche curations, I learnt a lot that I can take with me through to my own project. 

I feel like the documentary enlightened me to how perfume can deliver stories to consumers so easily and how easy it is to sell a story when the physical product is simply fragranced liquid. I also hadn't realised quite to what extent the stories being told now are predictable. There are very few brands in the segment producing really innovative concepts and this gives me an exciting opportunity when it comes to curating my own.

I found the episode on "noses" inspiring. They take scent inspiration from all of their surroundings. For example when the founder of the CB I Hate Perfume Gallery in Brooklyn came to London and was aiming to create a perfume that smelt utterly British for a client, he smelt everything from bus seats to the ales in a pub. Even though I will be focusing on telling a story rather than creating the exact scent, I can take inspiration from this approach by allowing myself to be inspired by appropriate surroundings relating to the story I come to tell. 



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